Our People

The Bedford Hills Free Library is guided by the stewardship of our Board of Trustees, with support from an Advisory Committee as well as local business and community leaders who volunteer their time, expertise, and resources.

Board of Trustees
Elin Peterson Sullivan and Terrie Paladino Viola, Co-Presidents
Nathalie Strauel, Secretary
Susan L. Kane, Treasurer
Annie C. Bai
Per Fog
Heide Shilstone
Luke Vander Linden

Advisory Committee
Gregory Palitz
Nicole Giroux Reeber
John J. Stockbridge
Roger B. Vincent
James & Frances (Twink) Wood
David E. Worby

Mary EsbjornsonExecutive Director
Eileen Baer, Assistant Director
Dorothy Bruley, Head of Circulation
Vicki Kriegeskotte, Children’s Librarian
Ashley Lawyer, Patron Services Coordinator

Story Time Leaders
Rachel Izes, Sallie Sills

Library Clerks
Debra Coppola, Carlie Grave, Merrill Grossman, Jenny Moldow, Amanda Quicci, Kathy Roche

Elizabeth D. Dalrymple, Melissa Gould, Mary Graniero, Hephzibah Grossberndt, Peggy (Sam) Latino

Meetings of the Library Board of Trustees are held at 7:30 pm on the third Tuesday of each month (except July and August) at the Library and are open to the public.

To address the Board of Trustees, please write to: Elin Peterson Sullivan and Terrie Paladino, Co-Presidents: Trustees@bedfordhillsfreelibrary.org