Print, Copy, Scan & Fax


Print documents from your own computer or mobile device, inside or outside the library.

  • Please carefully select the pages you want to be printed; blank pages are included in the final cost of the print job.
  • Send an email, with the document to print as an attachment to:
 (for black and white)
 (for color)

  • Printing costs are $0.15 black & white (per side) and $0.35 color (per side). Print jobs are sent to Patron Services, and then released. 
  • Stop by Patron Services to pick up and pay for your prints. Print jobs are held for 4 hours.
  • Cash or credit cards are accepted.  

Our copy machine is conveniently located by the front entrance and Patron Services desk.


Turn your paper documents into PDFs. You have the option to scan to your email or to your own flash drive. Scanning is free, please stop Patron Services for details.


Local and long-distance (USA only) faxing is available; please see Patron Services for assistance. 

  • There is a $1 fee per page to send and receive faxes. Cash and credit cards are accepted.
  • For outgoing faxes, free cover pages are provided, upon request. 
  • For incoming faxes, our fax number is 914.666.6473.