Get a Library Card


Adults who live or own property in Bedford Hills or Bedford Corners are eligible for a library card from the Bedford Hills Free Library. Please check this map to find your local library in Westchester County.

Official ID and proof of residency may include any one of the following: 

  • Driver’s license or NY State ID with current address
  • Passport or photo ID from a consulate or embassy with current Bedford Hills address
  • Valid School ID from a Bedford Hills school 

If photo ID does not show current address, residency may be proven by providing one of the following:

  • Property tax bill
  • Utility bill
  • Rent receipt or lease
  • Recently canceled mail sent to your name at current address
  • Documentation of employment in Bedford Hills

In circumstances where the above-mentioned proof of residency is not available, other evidence of residency may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

If you teach at a Bedford Hills school (Bedford Hills Elementary, West Patent Elementary) or are employed by a Bedford Hills business or organization, you are also eligible to apply for a Bedford Hills Free Library card (see above documentation).

Adults who live in another town or village in Westchester County must get a card from their home library.  Our patron services staff can help you identify your home library.

Adults who live outside of Westchester County may purchase a library card directly from the Westchester Library System for a $75 annual fee/$35 for seniors over 65. Please fill out the application from WLS and mail it directly to them with your payment. Your card will be mailed to you and is honored at all public libraries within the Westchester Library System.


Children are eligible and invited to get their first and very own children’s library card when they turn five years of age or enter Kindergarten. Parents/guardians also have the option to request that a card be given to younger children, if interested.

Parents/guardians must sign the application indicating that they are responsible for their child’s use of the card.


Children ages 13-18 are eligible and invited to get a teen library card. If they do not have a photo ID with proof of address, a school ID, school schedule, report card, or recreation card may be presented.

Parents/guardians must sign the application indicating that they are responsible for their child’s use of the card.